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Audiology Concierge Network was founded to fill a growing need for in-home audiological services and to empower audiologists to own their own practices.

The number of people in the US with hearing loss is expected to double in the coming decades. You will meet this growing demand in the most effective way by joining our network of on-site entrepreneur Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists.

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Joining our concierge hearing group provides convenient and professional services to your patients in their own environment. Offering concierge hearing healthcare this way and utilizing our best practices, will allow you to see more patients efficiently. Why wait for them to come to you? A brick and mortar store front limits quality care because of time constraints and costs.
Give your patients the time they deserve … it’s about quality of care, not quantity of patients.

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  • Claim your independence.
  • Provide superior patient care with best practices.
  • Work more effectively and efficiently.
  • Reduce your business costs.
  • See fewer patients.

We are educated and trained to be the hearing experts and should be the first stop for people suffering with hearing loss. Partnering and networking with our hearing loss network in local communities gives us a direct connection to those who need our services.

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