For Patients: Mobile Hearing Aids & Audiology Services

Why choose us? This is what we offer:

1. Unparalleled convenience and service

We provide comprehensive evaluations and fittings in the comfort of your own home or office, at your convenience. We asses your surroundings and optimize them to accommodate your hearing. We make weekly visits during the trial period ensuring a smooth, successful and pleasant experience.

2. Hearing aid fittings from qualified, experienced professionals.

After years of working in the hearing industry, it became apparent to our founders, Nancy Jablonski and Rene Vicedomini that poor fittings led to people not wearing their hearing aids. The hearing aids usually ended up in a dresser drawer. Audiology Concierge’s founders, Nancy and René, both proudly wear hearing aids. This mix of personal and professional experience makes them understand the importance of a correct fit with proper technology. Their high standard is passed on to you by ensuring their network of professional providers are highly skilled utilizing the best and most current technologies.

3. Knowledge and Professionalism

Audiology Concierge Network members travel extensively throughout the United States providing mobile hearing services and educational seminars to senior centers, retirement communities and doctors’ offices.

The snowball effect-how treating your hearing brings significant benefits

Better communication

Hearing aids enable you to connect with the people in your life, from acquaintances and co-workers to those closest to you. May it be idle office banter or phone conversations with family members, don’t miss a single beat.

Stronger relationships

Communication is the bedrock of all relationships, so the saying goes. Treating hearing loss can reconnect you with your friends and loved ones.

Improved psychological well-being

Your mental well-being is restored by reconnecting with your friends and loved ones.

Better cognitive health

There is a link between hearing health and dementia. Research studies support that untreated hearing loss lead to cognitive decline.

When you are hard of hearing you struggle to hear;
When you struggle to hear you get tired;
When you get tired you get frustrated;
When you get frustrated you get bored;
When you get bored you quit.

Keep sharp by hearing at your best.

Audiology Concierge Network provides hearing healthcare concierge services throughout the United States. Our directory of qualified providers will help you find a hearing health specialist in your area.

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